March 5, 2021


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Situations When You May Urgently Need Money

Have you ever been in a situation when you urgently needed money and the salary was still far? In such cases, most Singaporeans prefer to take microcredits via the Internet. Moreover, this method of solving problems is the most convenient:

  • no need to leave your house;
  • you can apply for a loan even at night or on a weekend;
  • money is transferred to the card almost immediately.

What may be the situations, when you can apply for a loan to the MFI?  


Urgent Payments

People quite often apply to MFIs because they need to urgently pay off debts for utilities. Due to untimely payment, clients can remain without electricity, gas, water or the Internet. It may sound scary for everyone, especially for families with children. However, if you take a loan at the MFI, you can even get favorable conditions as a new client.


Desired Purchase

Quite often, users conclude contracts with microfinance organizations when there is not enough money to buy household appliances, clothes or other goods. If the product runs out or a fabulous discount makes it a good purchase — there is no need to wait until the salary.  It is much more profitable to issue a microloan and buy a thing you like than to overpay.


Urgent Repair

When the force majeure situations happen, they seem disastrous. But you can take an online loan and fix the situation quickly. This option is much more convenient than any other way to urgently receive money. By the way, they may be needed not only for housing repairs but also for:

  • PC or mobile phone repair;
  • large and small household appliances;
  • car or motorcycle repair.

Thousands of people send a request for a microloan and repair gadgets and cars urgently. This may be also a solution for you.


Medical Insurance

If your medical insurance is running out and you have no money to make a new deal — microloans may help you to obtain it. Nowadays, living without insurance may cause unexpected troubles when you will be either refused in medical services or issued an invoice for a big sum of money. There is no need to risk your health: just take your time to find the most favorable conditions.


What Are You Waiting For?

Due to the unstable financial situation in the world, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the residents of our country to save money for unforeseen situations. When money is needed, people usually ask friends or relatives for help, but they cannot always provide financial assistance. Banking institutions are also not able to quickly give you the desired amount of money. But what to do if you need money today, and not tomorrow?

Many people believe: if you are confident in the future, but today an emergency has happened, do not waste time or miss opportunities. Taking an online loan takes no more than 8-15 minutes, and the interest rate is usually acceptable. So, the only question left is what are you waiting for?